Data Analytics

Our Financial Data Analytic capabilities are developed as a result of several 100s of man years’ experience in producing cutting-edge innovations for large Financial Portals with complex data integration. Our Data Analytics team is capable of delivering multiple client applications such as Mobile/WAP, Desktops, Web Services and Rich Internet Applications (RIA), all at the same time.  We have worked on projects which required storage of a massive inventory of data components starting from totally agnostic data adapters to over 600 specialized algorithms covering equations that form the whole universe of complex Financial Markets. Our Analytics teams has integrated the applications with live trading systems, portfolio management systems or information based decision support systems.

Key Benefits of Applications built using Our Data Analytics
  • Low Time to Market – for data enabled portals
  • Significantly Improved Performance
  • High Scalability
  • Data Provider Agnostic
  • Easily Maintainable.
  • Better Adaptability
  • Flexibility