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Interactive Statements

Customers hate drab, static bank statements and reports. Our light-weight data visualization libraries work with BI tools to deliver unique, fully interactive and attractive Bank Statements to your Online Banking customers. Co-relating behavior against monthly averages provides additional insights to the customer, for smarter money decisions.


BankONE is a simple lightweight layer that combines over 80% UX Functionalities into a single view. This is an unprecedented approach simply because while many banks claim to have one-page banking, hardly anyone has implemented anything more than a “dashboard”- the customers’ UX in these internet banking UIs still remains traditional and not really a single interface experience.

Online Account Opening

New Account in minutes. Save time, Reduce operational costs by half and reduce paperwork to almost zero

Smart Shopper

Using a Simple Chrome Extension to Intrusively Grow Credit/Debit Card Usage on 3PSites

AI Chat Bots

Conversational Buddy, both for Customer Support and Transactions

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